Saged & Stoned, Monthly Subscription: Tee + Sage + Stone

Want to give yourself a special GIFT every month? YES!! You deserve it! 

SAGED & STONED is our monthly tee subscription box for the mystically minded! Each month will include an exclusive Picasso Jasper designed Tee or Tank + Sage (or cleansing tool) & Stones. These Tees/Tanks are designed just for our subscribers! 

How does it work?

Each month, you'll receive an exclusive designed tee + sage + stones, with a corresponding mantra or meditation ($55+ Value). 

Sign up before the 7th of the month to receive that month's box. Credit cards will be charged on the day of your first purchase and then the 7th of each month. Your box will ship around the 15th of the month! If you sign up after the 7th, you'll get the next month's box.

Example: Your first purchase is on the Jan 1st- you will receive Jan's box & your next charge will be Feb 7th- Feb's box will ship around the 15th-ish. Make sense?

Please Note: You will not receive SAGE every. single. month. That's a lot of SAGE! We mix it up with different "cleansing tools". We hope this introduces you to new ways to cleanse your mind, body & soul. Also- our items are carefully curated using local artisans, Etsy artisans and even our own box subscribers! It is important to us to support other small businesses. Always ready to partner with like minded souls! 

Is there a minimum to join?

Nope! Cancel anytime! Since our boxes are lovingly curated by the 7th, please cancel before the 7th of the month. If the cancellation is after the 7th of the month, you will receive that month's box and your subscription will be canceled (you won't receive future boxes). 

Are your tee's/tank's True to size?

Yes! We offer size S-XXXXL, if you are in-between sizes or would like more room, please size up. *Note- sometimes, depending on availability- some sizes may have a different color and/or style of tee/tank.

Can I use a coupon?

Sorry! Our boxes are already a steal AND free shipping! Coupon codes do not work for subscriptions- but that gives a reason to snag something else!

Can I tell a friend?

PLEASE!!! We would love you forever and ever- on a cellular level! PS-> Have you seen our Brand Rep program

Already a Subscriber & need to manage your subscription?

Log- in here! or email us!

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
It’s Already Yours....

Loving my monthly saged and stoned subscription; the comfort and quality of the shirts is perfect! This cute tank was perfect for my yoga class ❤️
It’s so fun to receive a surprise each month!

Grateful I said yes to Saged & Stoned monthly subscription!

I'm a newbie. When I first came across Picasso Jasper, I fell in love with all the sayings that spoke to my soul but usually these cute sayings are with companies that are in another country and don't care about their workers. My heart lit up, seeing that they were a small family run business that has some of the same values I do for workers, the earth and my body. I had no idea when I said yes to the Saged & Stoned box what to expect. I love my first box which was November's "Gratitude Changes Everything". I live for Gratitude enough I created a YouTube channel so this felt so good being my first shirt. I love the comfort, cozy feeling to relax around home with yoga pants and yet I can add it to jeans and it's so cute. All the extras int he box makes it such a special box. I was wearing it when I shared my gratitude for my organic wine. I'm expecting a shipment today and can't wait to see what I think of the other pieces.


Love My Monthly Subscription... stones & Sage! Looking forward to each month.


Proud OG here 💃 S&S day has quickly turned into my FAVORITE day of the month! I love learning more about the different stones and exercising a more consistent saging practice. The tops?! Unbelievable! I can be wicked finicky about tops so I anticipated gifting some. Instead, I ordered entire boxes as gifts bc there’s no way I’m giving mine up! Grateful for PJ!!

Amazing box!!!

SUPER happy with the Saged & Stoned box! Shirt is ridiculously comfy and this months saying was perfect :) the sage and crystals were perfect for the Halloween full moon! Can’t wait for the next box!