Need to edit your subscription?

Need to edit your ship to or your credit card? Want to swap sizes OR add an accessory to your subscription?

Whatever- I can help you!

Send me an email & we'll get that taken care of for you! We will always send a confirmation email when the edit is complete. Be on the look out! If you haven't received within 2 days (M-F) then please reach out again, as we may not have received your email. You can always text us too! 617-404-4776

Sending an email is the best way to ensure edits are made correctly & in all the places. You can also login to your account & do it yourself- but if it's urgent or after subscription charges/before it ships- please send me an email so that I can confirm the edits have been made correctly & in all the places. TY!

PS: We have a 14 day cancellation policy.  Because we need time to create the magic just for you, we ask that you let us know within 14 days of the subscription renewal. If it is within 14 days of the 7th of each month, your cancellation won’t take in effect until the following month. For example- canceling on Jan 15th means your subscription is canceled right away. Canceling Jan 1st- means your last subscription will renew on Jan 7th/Ships Jan 15th & you will not receive future months. Make sense?

I would LOVE your feedback I sincerely appreciate (& whole heartedly encourage) alllllll the candid feedback! It's how I grow & elevate the experience for you! ❤️🙏 xo! Melisa

Questions? Email me below!

I can help! Let me know what you need to edit. Please DO NOT include credit card info via email. I will email you a secure link to update your payment portal. Reminder: We will confirm your edits within 2 days (M-F) via email. If not- we may not have received. Please reach out via email or text me! 617-404-4776