3" Tibetan Singing Bowl

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The vibration + sound of a Tibetan singing bowl is a great way to reset or change the energy, promote relaxation, or clear negative vibes.

Before you begin, set a clear intention for what you want to achieve with the singing bowl. Gently rest the singing bowl in the relaxed palm of your hand, fingers outstretched to allow the bowl to resonate freely.

Hold the mallet with your other hand & strike the rim of the bowl gently. You may also make a perpetual ringing sound by gently gliding the mallet continuously around the outer rim in a circular motion.

Let the vibrations fill the room & your consciousness. With your intention in mind, visualize the energy shifting & transforming, see the negative or stagnant energy replaced by positive, flowing, vibrant energy.

You can meditate or simply take a moment to reflect, allow the sound of the singing bowl to deepen your connection to your purpose. When you are ready to end your practice, express gratitude for the shift of energy you have received.

Return to this practice as often as you like!

What you get: 1- 3" Tibetan Singing Bowl with Mallet

Here's a prayer that might be helpful for this practice: 

'Divine Universe, I open my heart & spirit to the abundance that flows through all existence. I invite joy into my life.
May any stagnant or negative energy be transmuted into pure, radiant joy. May my heart be a beacon of happiness & may I share this joy with others.
With gratitude & love, I embrace the abundant joy that is my birthright.'