Shiva Lingham, Kundalini Energy + Chakra Alignment

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SHIVA LINGAM: Formed naturally by tumbling within the Narmada River, one of the holy sites of India, it is a symbol of Shiva, a supreme deity in Hinduism. This stone represents the INFINITE POWER of the universe! It is believed to posses a special pranic energy (the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself- life energy force, spiritual energy, inner winds, BREATH! :).

It's super power is the ability to stimulate kundalini energy to open & align all chakras. As that fire energy rises, you can feel intense energy moving from the base of the spine all the way to the crown, opening & activating every chakra along the way. Connecting you to pure consciousness & your highest spiritual energy. Used during meditation to access past lives, allowing one to discover the karmic lessons. This information helps to understand & clear whatever difficulties you may be having in this life.

We will intuitively select a stone for you! Each one is gorgeous- all with unique markings & patterns. Love the weight in your hand! There's a palm stone in the photo for you to compare size.