Reiki Infused Selenite Goddess, Earrings

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Tone: Silver

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Beautiful handmade & reiki infused, selenite earrings! Our larger pieces are back!

Named after the beautiful Moon Goddess Selene, Selenite is associated with the crown chakra- which represent wisdom & spirituality. It is magnificent! Vibrating at a high frequency, it is one of the most powerful energy tools because of its ability to purify a space, cleanse the body, mind & spirit of negativity and self-limitations as well as clear & charge your crystals. It is believed to be the "liquid Light of Spirit", able to reach the places between light & matter, reversing the effects of free radicals & to heal & repair on a cellular level. Selenite embodies tranquility and a sense of profound peace.

    Note that selenite is made of gypsum mineral and it will degrade in water. Be careful not to get these stones wet. These are natural stones- no two are alike. Expect some variation from piece to piece- that's what makes them so special!