Rose of Jericho: Peace, Power & Abundance!

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ROSE OF JERICHO or RESURRECTION PLANT. A magical plant believed to bring peace, power & abundance! Yes! She is alive! I named mine Becky.

Few plants have a story as special as this magnificent gift from Mother Earth. Also called the RESURRECTION PLANT because of its ability to come back to life after even years of dormancy. This inspiring plant symbolizes rebirth & is believed to attract peace & abundance!

Actually a type of moss native to desert regions where water is scarce. She can completely dry out, curl up & blow around like a magic feather until finding water. Then, it settles in- unfolds & "blooms" to reveal vibrant green leaves. When the water dries up, she dries out again & dances on to the next water source! Drying out is the secret to her ENDLESS ABUNDANCE! This plant can resurrect over & over again- each time revealing a lush green invitation of abundance!


- Shake any lose bits & save them. Fill a bowl with enough water to cover the roots, do not submerge. Roll to get the plant wet.

- Watch her unfold! This can take 4+ hours.

- Place by your front door to attract abundance & repel negative energies from entering your home.

- Every 2-4 days, change the water. Use the water to cleanse your door. When you are ready, remove the plant from water.

- Write your wish & fold- place on the plant. The plant will dehydrate & hug your wish until you are ready for her to bloom again! You can also tuck crystals inside.


What you get: (1) Large Rose of Jericho, ships with instruction card.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be lose pieces. This is normal & will not effect your beauty!