Indigo Gabro, Palm Stone

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INDIGO GABBRO: WOW! Recently discovered & spectacular, also known as 'Mystic Merlinite' after mythological legend & shapeshifter Merlin the magician. Believed to have stayed hidden until it was ready to be found, Indigo Gabbro is all about alignment, wholeness & magic- AKA Self Awakening!

Dubbed the 'wise soul' this stone allows one to step back from this physical realm & see the big picture. By unlocking our consciousness & revealing the stuff that doesn't really matter, we begin to see things in a different light. We see the shadow side & identify what needs to change. This is an important vision - by accepting the light & dark within us, the journey becomes clear. The things that were once important, become meaningless.

We realize of all the balls we juggle - only a few are glass. The glass balls become the focus & the rest just fades away.

A high vibrational stone, great for meditation, opening & expanding your third eye, enhancing your inner vision & providing extraordinary insights life.