Howlite or Obsidian, Reiki Infused Pendant + 18" Necklace

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Stone: Howlite (white)

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These beauties make super sweet gifts! Each ships with it's own 18" Necklace & gift pouch. Two options- or snag them both!

*HOWLITE (white): One of my favorites! A stone of patience & compassion. It is my choice for releasing attachments from memories, past life lessons, or processing current emotions of deep sorrow or traumas. It feels like the perfect hug, that says, "I understand. It's ok- You've got this! Let's clear that weight & reconnect to your infinite inner wisdom & heartfelt intuition." It invites a loving & understanding approach to the world. Believed to calm anxiety or deal with stressful or angry situations.

*Obsidian: So gorgeous! This volcanic glass is mesmerizing- some believe the layers & patterns swirling inside are a window to show us the past, future & a mirror of our inner truths. Protective & grounding- obsidian is believed to clear negativity from ones' aura field as well as environment. Once the energy field is clear/positive, obsidian helps with creativity & the free flow of ideas.  Perfect shield for those that are highly sensitive.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Great necklace! Even love to layer with other necklaces. Beautiful stone!

Brittney de Vicq

I love this necklace and wear it often. So pretty and such great value.

Kimberly Oztunc
The energy is tangible

I love my new reiki infused obsidian pendant. As soon as I put it on I can feel the energy of protection it provides very strongly!

Nanci Burtman
Black Obsidian necklace

This is a beautiful necklace. When I wear it, I feel very grounded, protected, and I can stop holding onto what no longer serves me. I imagine that I am safe, I am strong, I am worthy as this beautiful and powerful crystal clears the negative emotions and energies out and away from me and my auric field and my intention is for those to be washed down into the earth, without the ability to return. LOVE IT!!!
Your crystals and jewelry are beautiful, and I love that your pendants are reiki infused!!!