Flower Agate Crystal Tower: Self Love, Harmony, Balance

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The metaphysical magic of Flower Agate supports self love, harmony & balance. It's also gorgeous! So many inclusions! Inclusions - like finger prints are the special & unique features specific to your crystal. Get lost in gazing at this one!

It is a type of chalcedony that features delicate flower-like inclusions that give it a unique appearance. Its gentle vibration is nurturing & believed to promote harmony & balance within yourself & with others. It inspires us to manifest our dreams as it serves as a powerful protector from our own fears, doubts & anxieties. Flower agate is the perfect crystal for assisting &  encouraging you to seek a life of your wildest dreams. 

Element: Earth, Chakra: Heart & Root Chakra

Manta: I feel harmony & love all around me.

*What you get: (1) 2.5-3.5" Flower Agate Tower + info card, shipped in a pouch!

NOTE: Your tower may have 'pits' that allow you to see inside the crystal. This is natural & considered by many to add luck! Remember: This is a gift from Mother Earth! ALSO- the tower ships with a protective piece at the tip. This is to protect her during transit. Simply warm the crystal point in your hands, once the protector becomes warm, gently peel to remove -- revealing the awesome, tower MAGIC!!

Note: Natural stone can vary in size, color, & shape. Expect lines/shades/variances as these are considered the "finger prints". No two are the same! All crystal healing uses & metaphysical properties are provided as a means of education. PS- We love healing crystals & believe they spiritual support healing. However- I am not a doctor & this is not medical advice. :)