Carnelian Pendulum + Board & More, Bundle

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Want to learn how to use a pendulum or looking for a new beauty? This bundle is for you! It's great to gift too!

What's included?

- Reiki infused carnelian crystal pendulum
- Microfiber pendulum board- also a lens cleaner or mouse pad, making it easy to display/use all day!
- Sandalwood Cleansing cones + holder (to cleanse & clear your pendulum + space)
- Can Cooler: Perfect to use on the go!
- Mantra + Direction Cards.

** Ships in a pouch, ready for gifting!

Working with a pendulum is a popular practice among those interested in divination & energy work. Here are some benefits of using a pendulum:

  1. Gaining insight & clarity: A pendulum can be used as a tool for divination, helping to provide insights & answers to questions. By asking a yes/no question and observing the movement of the pendulum, the user can gain clarity and understanding.

  2. Identifying imbalances: A pendulum can be used to identify energetic imbalances in the body or environment. By holding the pendulum over different areas of the body or space, the user can observe its movements & determine areas that require attention or healing.

  3. Improving decision-making: Using a pendulum can help to improve decision-making by providing a clear & objective answer to a question. By tapping into the wisdom of the subconscious mind or higher self, a pendulum can help to guide the user towards the best course of action.

  4. Enhancing intuition: Working with a pendulum can help to develop & enhance intuitive abilities. By using the pendulum regularly, the user can become more attuned to their own intuition & develop a greater sense of trust in their own inner guidance.

  5. Providing a sense of empowerment: By using the pendulum to access information that can assist in making decisions, the user may feel more in control of their own life & more confident in their ability to navigate it.

Note: Natural stone can vary in size, color, & shape. Expect lines/shades/variances as these are considered the "finger prints". No two are the same! All crystal healing uses & metaphysical properties are provided as a means of education. PS- We love healing crystals & believe they spiritual support healing. However- I am not a doctor & this is not medical advice. :)