Adios Anxiety Bundle: Roller Ball + Lava Bracelet + Eucalyptus Smudge Bundle

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Perfect little kit for you or to gift!

Each kit contains our Adios Anxiety Roller Ball, Lava Bracelet & cleansing Eucalyptus Smudge Bundle!

Adios Anxiety Roller Ball: Lovingly created just for us! This crystal infused (fluorite), reiki charged, essential oils roller ball is simply amazing. Tuck it my your bed or in your pocket & reach for this when you need a minute for yourself! Contains: Bergamot cedarwood, lavender, vetiver, lemongrass essential oils + fractioned coconut oil.

Use your roller ball on your temples, behind your ears or on your lava bracelet! Feel your shoulders relax, the energy reset & your anxiety melt away. I've also included a Eucalyptus bundle for a little extra reset! 

LAVA: Grounding, protection & grounding. Add your favorite essential oils & become a human diffuser!

EUCALYPTUS BUNDLE: I love the smell & beauty of this one! Perfect to display or burn. An evergreen tree that's known for it's medicinal properties & considered one of the Earth's earliest herbal healers. Believed to encourage emotional balance (Adios Anxiety!) & aid with overcoming exhaustion. Uses: Protection, health/healing & spiritual cleansing!