Ceramic Diffuser, Oil, Onyx + Cleansing Prayer Bundle

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Here comes the sun.... that's how people feel when you walk into a room! Your divine, inner light shines warm, pure love beams of energy! When it is dark, we bring the light!

The contents of this bundle are pieces that will help us navigate dark times. Inspired by the light within us, the SUN will shine! 

What's included?

- Here Comes The Sun, ceramic diffuser + tea light

- Yatra Oil: Meaning travel or pilgrimage in Hindi, Yatra aroma oil is made from natural ingredients from India including plumeria, sandalwood & others. These natural sources are believed to produce an uplifting & invigorating aroma that induces relaxation, increases energy & reduces stress.

- Black Onyx Tumble Stone: Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone that works to absorb negative energy. It aids in the healing of past pain, giving one the courage to start a new journey. It gives one the willpower, strength & self-discipline to make wise decisions. It opens the mind to new opportunities & perspectives in order to achieve goals. Use Black Onyx as a support stone during times of emotional stress.

Cleansing Prayer + About Cards included!