Pyrite Skull, Attract Abundance + Luck + Money

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Translates to FIRE. You might know this as 'Fool's Gold' however, it is a powerful protection stone which shields against negative vibrations & energies. It is also believed to encourage new ways of thinking, allowing you to finally release those old thought patterns & stories you tell yourself. A divine guidance during meditation, bringing mental clarity, vitality & freedom from those heavy energies! YES! I am ready for luck & abundance!

This shape (skull) is a protector for you & a guard to your manifesting. Sometimes a skull can be viewed as negative or 'scary' but think of it more as 'scaring off', our protector. Keeping watch over what is ours, seeing that nothing gets in our way. Use this stone as a reminder- you are strong, you are protected, you are abundant! 

MANTRA: I AM an abundance magnet!

Element: Earth

Chakra: Solar Plexus

What you get: (1) Cleansed & charged, Pyrite, Approx. 1.5" by 1". Ships in a storage pouch!

Note: Natural stone can vary in size, color, & shape. Expect lines/shades/variances as these are considered the "finger prints". No two are the same! All crystal healing uses & metaphysical properties are provided as a means of education. PS- We love healing crystals & believe they spiritual support healing. However- I am not a doctor & this is not medical advice. :)