Wanna Know Why We Wear Green On St. Paddy's Day?

Why is green associated with luck and prosperity
Have you ever wondered why St Patrick’s Day is associated with GREEN & LUCK?
St. Patrick’s Day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. There are many myths and legends surrounding the foremost Patron Saint of Ireland, but why do we also associate this holiday with GREEN & LUCK?
Green has been a symbol of Ireland for a long time. On Saint Patrick's Day, people show their Irish pride by wearing green to honor and celebrate the Emerald Isle.
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Did you also know that people believed wearing green could make them invisible to leprechauns? YEP! Those little mischievous creatures liked to play tricks but if you caught one of them, they had to give you a pot of gold! So, wearing green could be your lucky charm that leads you to a pot of gold!
Today, even though we don't really believe in leprechauns anymore (or do we?), we still think of green as a symbol of luck and good fortune!
Cheers to you my friend, may today hold more blessings then yesterday!!
Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
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