New Moon: Setting Intensions, Welcoming a New Beginning

New Moon: Setting Intensions, Welcoming a New Beginning

A New Moon is a symbol for new beginnings! A time to renew goals, set intentions and invite new energy into your life. It is also the perfect time for a cleansing ritual for you and your home.

There are a myriad of ways to celebrate the new moon; this is the ritual I will be performing. I’ll be doing a door cleansing ritual on the front door of my home. There are a couple of things I like to do before I participate in any ritual. I like to bathe, and while I am showering or taking a bath I meditate on my intentions. Today, my intention is to usher in growth and fresh energy, both from the new moon and the approaching spring equinox. Things tend to feel stagnant after the long winter and I love to throw my doors and windows open and let the fresh air clear away the old energy. 

For a door cleansing ritual you will need a few things:
*bucket of warm soapy water
*bucket of clean water
*sage bundle
*abalone shell or heat proof vessel 
*paint brush

 I usually perform this ritual in the evening, not long before bed. I take this time to literally clean my door. I get a bucket of water, soap, and a rag. Last year I painted my door a fresh color too. Don’t overlook the power a good scrub can have on refreshing the energy of any object or space. Your front door is the passage through which you bring energy into and out of your home so it is a fantastic place to start! 

 At this point you’re bathed, your intentions are firm in your mind, now it is time to scrub your door. Once your door is squeaky clean it’s time to light the sage. I get my sage well lit, smoking, and trace the inside frame of the open door with the smoke. After this I set the smoking sage in my abalone shell in the threshold of my door. While I continue to let the sage smoke I take my paint brush and dip it in the clean bucket of water. Then using the wet paint brush I physically paint, with water, affirmations that speak to me and my intentions on my front door. This year I will be painting words like “self love,” “peace,” “calm,” “joy,” and whatever else my intuition calls for. You can choose to write out an entire prayer, mantra, book passage, or whatever calls to you. This is an ideal time to go with your gut!

When I have finished I will thank the new moon and welcome in the NEW!