Using A Crystal Grid

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Our February SAGED & STONED Box was all about self love & the unconditional love of your Angels. We think a Crystal Grid is a great way to connect with your intuition with help from your Angels & Guides. This beautiful shape was hand-drawn, just for you! Do you see all the shapes intersecting to form new shapes? Mesmerizing!
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Crystal Grid


First- cleanse your crystals. You can do this by smudging, selenite, full moon light or a few other ways. 

Light a candle, take a few deep breaths, call in your Angels & Guides.... Let's begin. 

Crystal grids are the intersection of sacred geometry & manifesting your intentions. The first rule of using a crystal grid is following your intuition. When you place your crystals on the grid do what feels right.

There is a "center stone" which you can think of as the "antenna" for drawing the energy in to manifest your intentions. Typically the center stone is also the physically largest stone in the grid. Around your center stone are the "surrounding stones". These surrounding stones are placed in a geometric pattern that follows your grid. These stones are amplifiers & modifiers for your center stone & intentions.

When your grid is set & your intention well formed in your mind, it is time to activate your grid. I like to imagine a ball of bright white light growing from the energy in my hands. I then direct the energy in my hands into the grid by placing my hands over the grid, while also focusing on my intention. It can be helpful to speak your intention out loud like a mantra. Relax, enjoy the energy & embrace the love!

That is it! You have successfully used your crystal grid!