Hamsa with Clear Quartz Amplifier Earrings: Protection + Healing

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**Limited Edition! Instant protection with this amulet! The hamsa is believed to be a protective symbol- protecting against absorption (i.e. feelings from others) of negative energy, energetic harm + promoting ones own energy. 

We've paired the power of this beauty with a clear quartz crystal. 

* Clear Quartz protects against negative energy, often used to cleanse, activate & align all of the chakras. It's also an amplifier of intentions & other stones. Also knows as the "Master Healer" as it is believed by many to be the most powerful because of its ability to absorb, regulate & release negative energy. 

Handmade for us, by our favorite designer (& lucky for us she's also our brand ambassador)- Keely, owner of Warrior Moon Creations!