Zen AF Tee

Zen AF- because you are! Super soft, comfy- vintage vibe tee. LOVE this one!! 

Asphalt Gray: Oversized, boxy fit-- fits true to size as a "slouchy" fit. This one hits right at the waist. Some size down- if you are ok with the length. If you'd like more length- go true to size or up one! Looks great with jeans a maxi skirt- or whatever! 

Blue Burn Out Tee: Unisex fit- cute tied up or tucked in! Fits true to size (T-shirt). Some do size down for a more "fitted" but still T-shirt fit. Wash this with like colors- it will continue to "burnout" giving it that "Oh-So-Loved" vintage-y vibe!

Designed & printed by us for you, from Boston with love! XOXO!

Asphalt Gray: S: 2-4   M: 6-8  Lg: 10-12  XL: 14-16

Burnout Blue:  S: 6-8  M: 10-12  L: 14-16  XL: 18-20  XXL: 20-22