Grey Agate, Lava, Obsidian & Crystal Agarwood Mala, Root Chakra

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Designed to highlight our favorite wood beads and our best stone beads. We have added three set of monochromatic stones in groups of 7 for the chakras. The stones have been chosen based on healing properties and also color, and place from dark to light to represent a calming, relaxing feel. We wanted this to be a soothing mala to keep your mind at peace through the day.

This mala features unpolished grey agate, lava, obsidian stone beads with brown agarwood beads have been mindfully sourced from Vietnam and have been matched with silver laughing Buddha head beads and clear crystal beads to amplify the other gemstones.

Agarwood calms the body, expels negative energies, brings alertness, thought to relieve anxiety, invokes a sense of strength and peace and enhances cerebral functioning. It eases neurosis and obsessive behavior and helps create harmony in your home. Agarwood is highly psychoactive. It is used for a spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and to bring the deep peace necessary for meditation. 

Healing Properties - Grey agate was used in Ancient times to protect people from storms. It is used to foster love, bring abundance, relieve stress and give peace of mind. 

Healing Properties - Lava is the physical embodiment of fire. It started as molten lava and formed into rock. It is an incredibly powerful. It can be very useful for those who are indecisive, timid or who generally feel weak. Lava can also help one develop stronger ties with the earth. 

Healing Properties - Obsidian is a volcanic glass and is considered to be a grounding stone related to the Root and Base chakra, neutralizing heavy energy and promotes calmness and peace and aiding with spiritual grounding. As a black gemstone Obsidian symbolizes self-control and resilience making the wearer face responsibility.

Chakra information - Lava can be worn for the root or base chakra or the first chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine. The prime function of the sacral is grounding, security, survival, primal energy, taking care of self and others. It has an emotional connection physical needs, base needs, security, safety, being grounded and behaviors.

Affirmation/ Mantra- Root Chakra “I do” “I understand”

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